In general, the outdoor gardens, Meditation Hall & Relics room are open to visitors throughout the day, but due to the current pandemic some extra restrictions apply. If you’d like to come for a visit please let us know in advance.

While we are always happy to welcome you and make your visit meaningful, you may often find the members totally occupied with the work at hand. The Ashram is our home, place of work, and place of sadhana, and the combined demands do not often leave much time for socialization. Your goodwill and understanding are much appreciated.

If you’d like to participate in a collective activity, the monthly retreats are a good time to plan your visit. See the Activities page for more information about upcoming events. We also encourage participation by helping out during your visit. There is always much to be done, and helping hands are most welcome.


Throughout the ashram property, four specific rules are followed which were originally laid down by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry: No smoking, no alcohol or drugs, no sex and no politics.

Concentrated quiet atmosphere: In addition to these four requirements, cleanliness and quietude are much appreciated and help to cultivate an atmosphere of consecration.

Cell Phone: Please make sure your cell phone is silent when entering the ashram building.

Children: All ages are welcome, but children must be supervised at all times by an adult. We ask that children also be respectful of the quiet and concentrated atmosphere mentioned above.


The ashram is located at 2621 W Highway 12, Lodi, CA 95242. The city of Lodi, with a population of almost 70,000, is located four miles to the east, Sacramento is located about 35 miles to the north, and San Francisco is about 90 miles to the west.

The Sacramento airport (SMF) is recommended for those travelling from within the US. For international arrivals, San Francisco (SFO) is the best option. There are public transit options for those coming from the Bay Area.


Single room overnight facilities are available, and we can generally accommodate quiet personal retreats. Family and couple accommodations are not available. Since karma yoga is an integral part of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, guests are encouraged to help out in any way they can.

The ashram’s main meal is lunch, and a simple offering for breakfast and dinner is also provided for guests. All meals and foods are vegetarian (no meat, eggs, or fish).

Work Exchange Program

For individuals interested in longer stays, we offer a work-exchange program in which room and board are provided in exchange for karma yoga. Familiarity with Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga is required, but the level of commitment required is less than that for residence. This program provides an opportunity to learn more about and experience the Integral Yoga and Ashram life.

The type of work exchange offered is arranged on an individual basis, and may consist of some combination of office or warehouse work for our Auromère business, gardening and landscaping, remodeling work, cooking, or cleaning. Generally, eight hours of work per day with Sunday’s free are expected.

If you are interested in participating on a work exchange basis, please call or write for more information. Prior approval is required and is made at the discretion of the SASP board.