visiting sri aurobindo sadhana peetham


Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham is a community dedicated to the practice of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga with a special emphasis on karma yoga (or selfless service). Visitors are welcome. There is always much to be done here, so we invite you to help out. It is appreciated if you can write or call in advance to arrange for your visit.


The ashram is situated on a three-acre homestead property with a 100-year-old house that doubled in size with a new addition completed in 2008. The building is surrounded by towering elms, a few oaks, and one majestic old pine tree. There are flower gardens and fruit trees, a swimming pool, and a tennis and basketball court. The immediate outlying areas are mainly vineyards and agricultural plots. The city of Lodi, with a population of 70,000, is located four miles to the east, Sacramento is located about 35 miles to the north, and San Francisco is about 90 miles to the west.


Visitors may enjoy the meditation hall, relics room, library, and grounds. Throughout the ashram buildings and the surrounding gardens, the SASP community follows 4 specific rules as laid out by The Mother for the original Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. No smoking, alcohol/drugs, politics or sex. In addition, we appreciate limited use of cell phones on the ashram premises.


Children are welcome to visit the Ashram provided they are supervised by an adult at all times both indoors and outdoors. SASP cannot be responsible for the safety of children on the ashram grounds. Outside in the gardens there is a full-sized swimming pool and two small ponds, which require that parents be especially watchful of their children. Inside the main Ashram building, children are expected to behave in a manner that is respectful of other guests and members and the quiet atmosphere.


We have overnight facilities and can generally accommodate short visits.


Work Exchange Program

For individuals interested in longer stays, we offer a work-exchange program in which room and board are provided in exchange for karma yoga. Prior approval is required and is made at the discretion of the SASP board - call or write for more information. Familiarity with Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga is required, but the level of commitment required is less than that for residence. This program provides an opportunity to learn more about and experience the Integral Yoga and Ashram life.


The type of work exchange offered is arranged on an individual basis, and may consist of some combination of office or warehouse work for our Auromère business, gardening and landscaping, remodeling work, cooking, or cleaning. Generally, eight hours of work per day with Sunday's free are expected.


SASP is a non-profit organization and depends partly on donations from guests and integral yoga devotees for the maintenance of the ashram facilities, programs and meals.



Monthly Retreats

Consider joining us for one of our monthly retreats. On the third Saturday of each month, friends gather here for a full day of activities such as collective meditation, karma yoga (i.e., work dedicated to the Divine), study groups, talks, presentations, and other activities. You can see our monthly retreat schedule here. Or you can subscribe to our retreat mailing list to get updates on upcoming retreats or make inquires about visiting by sending an email to dakshina.sasp@gmail.com.


Auromère Products

We also have a small "shop" on the Ashram premises where one may purchase books related to Integral Yoga and Ayurveda, photos of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, many varieties of incense, and other Ayurvedic products produced by the ashram-run business, Auromère. Due to space restraints, the selection of books and products available from the Ashram shop is minimal. However, we have a full range of products available at the Auromere warehouse (in downtown Lodi). Visits to the warehouse must be arranged in advance.


For additional information about the use of the Ashram facilities, please see our SASP booklet in .pdf format.


The Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham Ashram is located at:

2621 W. Hwy 12

Lodi CA 95242


Directions are available here.


To make arrangements for a visit, please call (209) 339-1342 Ext 5 or send an e-mail to dakshina.sasp @ gmail.com