April 24 - The mother's final arrival in pondicherry

The Mother first visits Pondicherry in 1914; she returns to settle permanently on April 24,1920. She was forty-two. She was pursuing an intense Yoga and the Sadhana was going on in the mental and vital planes. The result was even a physical change in her appearance.


"...after a month's yoga I looked exactly eighteen. And someone who had seen me before, who had lived with me in Japan and came here, found it difficult to recognize me. He asked me, `But really, is it you?' I said, `Obviously!'"


Until the Mother's final arrival, a few of Sri Aurobindo's followers had lived with him as members of the household. With the coming of the Mother, there were some gradual changes and a collective life took shape. Physically things were organised and regular collective meditations were started.


Shri Nolini Kanta Gupta, one of the oldest disciples said of the Mother:

"The Mother taught by her manner and speech, and showed us in actual practice, what was the meaning of disciple and master;... It was the Mother who opened our eyes..."