Collective aspiration

...you will never be able to grasp to what extent the Grace does everything, is behind everything. - The Mother

Every two weeks, a new quote is chosen as a special focus for the residential community, and is displayed in the meditation hall. For a list of past quotes, click here.

Upcoming retreats

Summer 2018 to Spring 2019 monthly retreat schedule

New books from India

See the latest arrivals of newly printed books from SABDA and other book distributors related to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. Books are for sale through auromere.com, and can also be purchased directly from our library on your next visit.

Updated as new books are received.

Farewell Zackaria

In the early hours of May 14th, long-time resident member Zackaria Moursi passed on into the light, leaving his body behind. A memorial service was held in his honor and loving memory on the retreat of May 19th. Remembrances were shared and farewell messages were read aloud, many sent in by friends from around the world. His cremated remains were ceremonially spread around the olive tree situated next to the ashram 'Symbol Garden' - a place well-loved by Zack and often visited by him. Following the ceremony, a short presentation was shared by Aurolei, who, now 14 years of age, fondly recalled many childhood memories of Zack. (The presentation can be viewed here.) All in all, it was a beautiful day and an uplifting ceremony. With greatest respect and sincerity our prayers are offered for the benevolence and ever growing perfection of the soul we knew as Zackaria. Namaste!